• We are Creative Co.

  • We are Creative Co.

  • We are Creative Co.

  • We are Creative Co.

  • We are Creative Co.

  • We are Creative Co.

We are makers, doers, thinkers, explorers and learners. We are here to transform your big idea into visual stories that drive business growth.


We’re a remote-first team uniting anywhere-based minds so innovative talent can grow without limits. 
Our people’s worldly perspectives and diverse imaginations interact through slick communication – transcending time zones and leading to rich creative work we can all be proud of.

CreativeCo. is among the 0.1% of branding agencies owned by women. It all started with a young designer’s vision, a global adventure, and a fresh take on branding.

Elisabetta Fanelli

CEO & Founder

Luca Maldotti

Project Manager + SM Specialist

Fernando Bermudez

Project Manager

Danilo Mieuli

Media Production Manager

Ofelia Mesropyan

Graphic Designer

Farah Zainab

Editorial Designer

Kelly Abel

Creative Copywriter

Vanessa Tomassini

Lead Researcher

Mohsin Ali

Digital Marketing + PPC Lead

Jessica Marie Baldwin

Executive Assistant

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